Ouranos is a Canadian non-profit organization that engages in focused, applied science in support of sound decisions related to climate change and its impacts.

Ouranos represents an innovation cluster for regional climatology, impact assessment, vulnerabilities, and adaptation to climate change, as well as a forum for
consultation to enable the society to better adapt to climate change, all from a perspective of sustainable development.

Ouranos’ approach actively involves an expanded network of 450 researchers, experts, practitioners, and policy-makers from a variety of disciplines.

Ouranos specializes in:

  • Co-financing for interdisciplinary and multi-institutional projects that bring together researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to promote and support adaptation to anticipated climate change
  • Climate scenarios and services to multiple partners in Quebec, across Canada and around the world
  • Production of regional climate simulations using the Canadian Regional Climate Model 5 (CRCMC5). The new CRCM5 chosen at Ouranos is developed by UQAM’s ESCER centre, in collaboration with Environment and Climate Change Canada.