Introducing the Adaptation Inspiration Podcast from Adaptation Learning Network: BC Professionals Adaptation Network

Submitted by ICA Editor | published 12th Mar 2020 | last updated 6th Jul 2020
Adaptation Inspiration Podcast

Conference: Adaptation 2020

March 11, 2020. Adaptation Canada occurs every four years. This year it was hosted by the Fraser Basin Council in Vancouver BC from February 19th-21st, 2020. Professionals and experts across Canada presented the adaptation work that is taking place in their communities. They talked about how they are preparing for and adapting to the effects of a changing climate. Adaptation work is highly specific to local bio-regions and ecosystems, existing infrastructure, and community values. Hearing from such a wide range of experts from across Canada served as a fascinating insight into the variety of approaches that are being taken to adapt to climate change.

A central theme continually arising throughout the conference was the importance of viewing adaptation as an opportunity. Adaptation can be framed as a unique opportunity to create more sustainable cities, to uplift pre-existing community values, to uplift Indigenous knowledge, to transform the way we see ourselves within the natural world, and to imagine and create a world in which we are both prepared for climate impacts. Chief Patrick Mitchell of the Kanaka Bar First Nation said, “To prepare for climate change, we are working hard to make sure that our community is sustainable, vibrant, and self-sufficient. If climate change doesn’t happen, then we will still be sustainable, vibrant, and self-sufficient! Great!”

Adaptation Learning Network and Resilience by Design Lab team interviewed experts from across sectors from coast to coast, and are developing a series of podcasts based on those interviews. This inspiring action needs to be broadcasted! Listen to the first episode here, where we hear from several experts about what adaptation means to them. Stay tuned - more to come!

The Adaptation Inspiration Podcast